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The relationship between a merchant and bank is critical to driving success. Our merchant services allow banks to thrive by making you an invaluable resource to any merchant.

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Merchant Services

Merchants are looking toward financial institutions like you to help them drive revenue, keep them current and enable future growth. Enable that success by providing them with payment processing solutions that allow them to streamline operations and accept payments from mobile and e-commerce to POS.

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Software Solutions

To get your merchants up and running, we offer solutions that help streamline payment processing while reducing costs. Assist your merchants in satisfying their customers, establishing their brand all the while increasing your profits.

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Flexibility Is The Name of the Game

Tangram provides a diverse portfolio of products, services and support to your institution can service them all. Whether you want to white label our solutions or manage everything independently, we operate in the manner you prefer.

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Enhanced Revenue Streams

Forge new revenue streams and increase growth opportunities by adding merchant services to your product offerings. From chargeback management and fraud protection to rates that never increase, partner with Tangram via a number of profit-sharing business models that is the right for you.

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More Than A Partner

Tangram’s industry expertise and resulting products, services and insight will allow you to diversify and grow your institution’s income streams while helping your customers do the same.

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Payment Processing On Your Terms,
Tailored For Your Bank

Tangram provides banks with programs designed to meet the payment needs of medical, food and beverage, automotive, and more. These custom fit programs are tailored so you can meet your customer’s specific needs.

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